While we all are battling the stressors of everyday life, we give little to no thought that these times could be stressful for our cars, specifically our exhaust system. Is your summer exhaust system maintenance up to date? By not having our exhaust Kernersville, NC team check your car, you wont be able to go on those summer 2016 road trips you have planned.
Before the summer heat, dust, and heavy traffic take a toll on your car do these things to extend the life of your exhaust system.

  • Avoid driving your car while the check-engine light is flashing. Doing this is the fastest way to damage your exhaust system. When your engine light comes on, it means the engine’s computer is getting data from one or more of its dozens of sensors that are outside the sensor’s normal range, in which case you should take it to a mechanic as soon as possible. If your engine light comes on and flashes constantly, the situation is serious. Driving just a few miles with a flashing engine light can overheat the catalytic converter, converting its precious-metal honeycomb catalyst bed into molten slag. If this happens, you will be required to fix what made the light come on but replace four expensive catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Those are vital parts of an exhaust system. Please avoid driving with the engine light on.
  • Avoid driving over potholes and debris because it eventually causes mechanical damage. This is the second most common cause of exhaust-system failure. Driving over potholes and debris can easily smash your pipes. Please avoid this or you will need a new exhaust system.

Want to learn more about your exhaust system, visit our certified team of auto exhaust Kernersville, NC technicians.