If you are headed down the highway hoping your ride is not going to give out on you, then you probably need to come on down to Perfection Exhaust & Auto Care for your seasonal auto repair Kernersville, NC service. Our ASE-certified technicians. are trained to put their knowledge and hands to the test so that you get the best possible outcome for your vehicle. Unlike generic chains who hassle you around and let you think your car needs more than it actually does, our locally owned and operated shop tells you what you need to hear without raising prices on you left and right.
Our Auto Repair Kernersville, NC Tune Ups Include:

  • Making sure that your engine runs smoothly
  • Replacing any spark plugs and other under the hood work
  • Testing your speed and emission
  • Checking your drivability issues
  • Checking your fuel mileage
  • Inspecting stalling and starting issues
  • Testing battery performance for voltage and power
  • Studying your engine vacuum
  • Pursuing fault codes
  • Making sure your vehicle has plenty of fluids
  • And a whole bunch more!

Now it is Summer 2016 and the weather is warmer and wetter, our auto repair Kernersville, NC team wants to make sure your vehicle’s insides can keep up with the changing elements. We will test your air conditioner and heater in your car, replace your belts, brakes, and tires, and whatever else you want us to take a look at in order for you to feel that your ride is safe and reliable.

Keep your vehicle running like its new with a tune-up from Perfection Exhaust & Auto Care!