The winter months are quickly approaching. Has your car been winterized? If not, now is the time. The winter months can be harsh on your car and without the proper maintenance you could risk tearing up your car or losing it to major auto repair. The upcoming snow, dirt, cold temperature can cause problems for your vehicle. Auto repair Kernersville, NC experts has some simple tips and suggestions that will help you winterize your car this winter.
 Check your battery
In order for the car to start, the battery must work. The winter temperatures will reduce your battery power. If the temperature ever drops to zero degrees in North Carolina, your battery only has about half the cranking power it has at 80 degrees. How do you prevent this from happening? Well, on conventional batteries, you must remove the plastic caps on top of the battery and check the fluid level. If your battery fluid is low, add distilled water. You may have to have the battery professionally tested at a service station, auto parts store, or an auto repair Kernersville, NC shop. It may just need to be charged. But if your battery is defective, it’s best to replace it before it goes completely dead.
Check your Windshield Wipers
When driving, it is very important to have a clear view. If your windshield wipers are leaving streaks on your windshield, it’s time to replace them. With the snow and cold temperatures, it is important to be able to see. If you can’t see, you can’t be safe. Not only do your windshield wipers need to be checked but your windshield washer.  In the winter months, there will be dirt, mud, and salt residue being kicked up off the road, it’s likely that you’ll be using your windshield washers a lot.
Consider Winter Tires
Tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. They are always in contact with the road and provide a great deal of stability and reliability to you as the driver. In the winter, the weather conditions will vary.  Sometimes it will be dry, wet and slippery. If you haven’t change your tires, now may be the time. It is better to be safe than in a car accident due to your tires.
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