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Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Rural Hall, NC

Know More About The Check Engine Light

Diagnostic Services Near You

When your vehicle’s check engine light illuminates, it’s hard to know what has triggered it. This malfunction indicator lamp can display based on several underlying causes, and a guessing game rarely produces the right answer. Therefore, you need professional diagnostic services. While this may sound daunting, expert check engine light diagnostics is easily attainable nearby at Perfection Exhaust & Auto Care in Rural Hall, North Carolina. We’ve been in business since 1988, so we’ve taken care of the OBD-II system since its inception. Our ASE-certified technicians are known for their level of diagnostic accuracy. Should you need parts or products to correct the issue that triggered the CEL, we source quality items from NAPA, CarQuest, Mitchell1, Goerlich’s, and Identifix. Even more conveniently, we’re near you. You’ll find us at 6710 University Parkway Rural Hall, NC 27045 close to I-74. We’re open and look forward to assisting you. Schedule your appointment online or by phone at (336) 377-2746.

Why Bother With The CEL?

Since your automobile is still operating with the check engine light illuminated, perhaps you’re wondering a few things. Why did the manufacturer bother putting it there, and why should you bother getting it repaired? We’re happy to help you with the answers to those questions. All new vehicles sold in the United States since 1996 must be equipped with the second-generation onboard diagnostic system. Also known as OBD-II, this system resulted from concerns about mechanical exhaust and air quality pollution. Your vehicle’s computer takes intricate fuel, air, and exhaust quality measurements. If a component or process might prevent your car from performing as it should and meeting EPA standards, the CEL will come on. Although this is typically not an emergency when the light displays steadily, you should get the problem checked soon. In the rare event of a continuously flashing check engine light, turn off your auto and have it towed to our shop, which indicates that your engine is in jeopardy. There are multiple reasons for having the light’s cause diagnosed and fixed. It usually means that your car isn’t operating as efficiently as it should. That costs you more money at the pump. Also, the underlying issue could become worse and/or lead to more extensive and expensive repairs. Finally, your vehicle will not pass the annual state inspection with the check engine light on.

Expert Work With Neighborly Care

We’ve built a strong reputation across the decades we’ve been in the auto repair business. Our mechanical work, such as check engine light diagnostics and related remedies, is second to none. In addition, we’ve earned the trust of our neighbors. That’s important to us because our mission has always been to provide the highest quality auto services alongside friendly service and fair pricing. We can help you save a little extra cash, so be sure to check out our Specials tab. If you need diagnostic services or have questions about your vehicle’s check engine light, stop by Perfection Exhaust & Auto Care for information, help, and a smile.