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Everything You Need to Know About Brake Repair

If even one element of your brakes isn’t working as it should, your car may not be safe to drive.

In today’s vehicles, there are countless safety systems that help to protect drivers and passengers. When you think about your car’s most important safety components, you might consider the modern cameras and warnings that let you know when someone is in your blind spot or coming up fast. But one of the most vital safety elements of any vehicle is its brake system, which allows the driver to slow the car down and bring it to a stop.

When you hit the brake pedal in your vehicle, a lever forces a piston into a cylinder that’s full of hydraulic fluid. The brake pad also presses into the disc, creating friction that slows the outer wheels. Some brake systems allow the cylinder to push against the brake drum to slow the car down even faster.

Disc brake of the vehicle for repair, in process of new tire replacement. Car brake repairing in garage.Suspension of car for maintenance brakes and shock absorber systems.Close up.

If even one element of your brakes isn’t working as it should, your car may not be safe to drive. Warning signs of brake system concerns include a pedal that feels spongy or mushy under your foot, squeaking or squealing noise when you brake, leaking brake fluid, or a burning odor. You could also feel vibration when you try to slow your vehicle down or notice that the car pulls to one side when you apply the brakes. These are all indicative of a problem that warrants immediate attention.

At Perfection Exhaust & Auto Care, we can take care of the brakes in your car. We work on all makes and models and have the skills and experience needed to diagnose and resolve various issues. Need your brakes checked? Our shop is conveniently located for clients in Forsyth County, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

At Perfection Exhaust & Auto Care, we service brakes for those from Rural Hall and Kernersville, as well as Forsyth County, Yadkin County, Rockingham County, Guilford County, and Surry County, North Carolina.