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Brake Repair in Kernersville, NC

Is Today The Day For Brake Repair?

Brake Repair Near You

Don’t take chances with your brakes. If you recognize the need to get brake repair soon, schedule an appointment with us. If you’ve experienced brake failure, don’t attempt to drive. Instead, have your automobile towed to our shop. We’re Perfection Exhaust & Auto Care in Kernersville, North Carolina. Nothing is more important to us than your safety, a founding belief that has carried us since 1988. Our ASE-certified technicians can help you with any make or model, using quality parts and products sourced from NAPA, CarQuest, Mitchell1, Goerlich’s, and Identifix. We’re conveniently located nearby at 101 E Bodenhamer St. Kernersville, NC 27284. That’s on the corner with Main St. We’re available , so schedule your appointment today. You can make an appointment online or by phone at (336) 996-7968.

Know The Warning Signs

Our hope is that you will partner with us to keep your vehicle in safe, reliable operating condition. When you bring your auto to us for routine preventive maintenance services, we can monitor your braking system. We’ll let you know if we spot a potential problem. Also, you can schedule a separate brake inspection if you drive long distances at a time, put excessive miles on your vehicle, or operate under harsh conditions. In the meantime, be mindful of your transportation’s typical behavior. If you notice any signs of brake trouble, bring your car to our attention. For instance, if you notice that your stopping distance has gotten longer, you should let us check your brakes. When you start hearing squealing when you apply brakes, this usually means that the brake pads need to be changed. They’re durable and last long, but they eventually wear beyond the safe minimum thickness. Also, watch for a spongy feel in the brake pedal. This often points to a lack of brake fluid which could result from a significant leak, such as a cracked master cylinder. A burning odor could point to a stuck brake caliper or reveal the secret that you forgot to disengage the emergency brake before driving. Regardless of the underlying cause, our expert mechanics will fix the problem and return you safely to the road.

The Assurances You Need

While you want to have faith in an auto repair shop for any service or repair, it’s particularly important that you feel assured of reputability when someone is working on your brakes. Your safety depends on it. Perfection Exhaust & Auto Care has provided reliable brake repair for more than three and half decades. Our neighbors are our fellow drivers and clients, so check out what they have to say about our shop. Also, you can feel confident that you’re getting a good value. Our prices are fair, and you may qualify for additional discounts. Be sure to take a look at our Specials tab. Count on our team to keep you driving safely.