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Auto AC Repair in Rural Hall, NC

Auto AC: How Does It Do That?

AC Assistance is Close By

Temperatures can soar in the Piedmont-Triad area in summer months. If your vehicle’s air conditioner is on the fritz, finding reputable auto AC repair nearby is important. After all, making a long drive while roasting inside your car is not fun. You can find the assistance you need without leaving your own town. Perfection Exhaust & Auto Care in Rural Hall, North Carolina, has been helping motorists just like you cool down since 1988. There’s no need to travel into Winston-Salem or make the trek back to the dealership. Instead, bring your transportation to our facility at 6710 University Parkway Rural Hall, NC 27045. That’s close to I-74, so our shop is very easy to reach. We’re open to assisting you . Making an appointment is easy, too. Use our online scheduling feature or call us directly at (336) 377-2746.

How Does It Do That?

When your vehicle’s air conditioner has failed or isn’t working properly, we’ll take care of the mechanical details of the repair for you. However, we’re glad to give you a brief overview of how the system works so that you feel more confident about discussing repairs. The climate control uses a refrigerant that transforms states between liquid and gas. Much like the car’s radiator, the principle is to have the appropriate liquid absorb heat, carry it away, and dissipate it into the air. Multiple key components work cooperatively to complete the closed system that manipulates the refrigerant between physical states. The compressor changes low-pressure gas to a highly pressurized gas. The condenser changes it to a liquid and cools it. To remove excess water, the refrigerant must go through the dryer and it returns to its gaseous state in the evaporator. This allows the air entering the cabin to be cool and dry. If the process is disrupted, you’ll notice symptoms of what has gone wrong. Signs include air that isn’t cold enough or a system that won’t power on at all, among other things. Also, puddling water under the dash and on the carpet or odd musty smells can signal a clog that’s dumping water into areas where it shouldn’t be and/or mold formation.

Other Things We Offer

We understand that the first service on your mind is auto AC repair when your car’s interior is scorching. However, it’s worth noting that we also offer important extras when you bring your vehicle to Perfection Exhaust & Auto Care. We protect your vehicle and your wallet by using high-quality parts and products sourced from NAPA, CarQuest, Mitchell1, Goerlich’s, and Identifix. Furthermore, we always charge fair prices, but you may find additional applicable discounts on our Specials tab. Finally, you can relax knowing that your transportation is in good hands. We’ve developed a reputation among our shared neighbors, evidenced by customer testimonials.